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This week we lost a legendary Cruiser Head & friend, Bob Paul.


Bob was one of our clubs first members, over the years his interestingly quirky personality drew many of us close to him.  With a growing following Bob was nominated & elected as this clubs President for several years consecutively.  With Bob at the helm, we planned & took part in many epic wheeling trips of which several are featured in this websites photo gallery.

In between the multi day excursions we would often run local day trips, these were not complete without spotting his 40 series bouncing around in our mirrors or watching him skillfully wheel the “baby 80” (his beloved 3rd gen 4Runner) all over the place.   


And while we often poked fun at Bob for his radio transmissions, which were seemingly made in an intergalactic language only he could understand, we all will forever remember him for it.  Hell, I know most of us are replaying those moments in our heads right now.  


Bob’s impact on this club & its members was immeasurable, without a doubt Horsetooth 4 Wheelers is a large part of his Legacy.


Bob, the trails are going to be quiet and different without you, but in true fashion we know you're out blazing the trail ahead in the next life.  Rest assured we will meet you at that trail head eventually but in the meantime… We’re going to miss you buddy. 

-Horsetooth 4 Wheelers

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Horsetooth 4 Wheelers (Est. 2001) is Northern Colorado's TLCA Chapter Club.  We welcome all Toyota 4x4 owners to join us explore the trails of Colorado and Wyoming! As a club we have one meeting, and at least one trail run each month.


Membership dues are $50 per year per person, of that $20 is donated to non-profit organizations which actively work to maintain access to Colorado 4x4 trails.  By joining us you are helping stem the never ending attempt to close OHV trails.